the free parking lot

In 1945,a group of Brentwood residents got together to create a free parking lot.The site they chose was near the railroad station and west of Fourth Street.This land had originally been owned by Dr.Edward Newbery,and now belonged to a granddaughter who lived in California.Led by George J.Dickman,the group tried to find her and buy the lot,but discovered that it had been sold for delinquent taxes and was now owned by a New York City real estate firm.The entire block was finallly bought by Conrad Koehler,who then sold half of it(a tract about 100 feet by 260 feet)to the village for a parking lot.The price was $1,500,raised by public subscription.
Next,the Islip Town Board approved all required changes in the zoning regulations.Frank J.Kroupa,Superintendent of Highways,had the lot cleared and graded.Some of the trees in this area had been planted by the residents of Modern Times and were one hundred years old.The free parking lot finally opened for use in late 1949.

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