Theodore Henry Freund

Brentwood Hotel
Lee Estate

Theodore Henry Freud was born on October 22, 1876 in Germany. He immigrated to America in 1881. When he was 12 years old, he moved to Brentwood and lived with his uncle who he worked for in the construction business . Freud built the Brentwood Hotel which is still standing today. Freud married Anna who was also born in Germany and immigrated to America in 1894. They had three children; Robert, Henry and Theodore H. Jr. Like any man in the late 1800’s everyone pitched in when there was a fire. Using a wagon to move their equipment to the fire, and buckets of water to extinguish the flames. He later became the first fire chief of the Brentwood Fire Department. Theodore Freud was involved with developing the community. He served on the School Board, Brentwood Cemetery Association and the Fire Department. Theodore Freud was a gardener and worked for Mrs. Mary B. Lee’s estate for 43 years. He then worked for the Sisters of Saint Joseph’s up until he got sick. He died on Sunday, July 27, 1958 at the age of 82. He was considered to be one of the original resident of Brentwood. M. Koferl -- March 2007 -- Local History Newsletter

Dorothy and Theodore Freund