The Skillcraft Corporation

The early real estate companies in Brentwood were only interested in selling land,and most of the lots they sold were never developed.Even those sold by the Brentwood Realty Company were vacant for more than fifty years(their customers only purchased them as an investment).Many other tracts of land,such as those at Brentwood-In-The-Pines,were sold repeatedly with nothing ever built onthem.
One company tried to change that.This was the Skillcraft Corporation,formed on December 27,1947,by stockholders Mario Donaudy and J.A.Saldo,along with Samuel Oseroff.They started production in March 1948,but only did outside contract work that year.They also bought land from the Yudell Realty Company.In
February 1949,Skillcraft began building a series of twenty-four small,moderately priced homes on this land.It also built a Parish House for Christ Episcopal Church.The company also planned to build another one hundred homes by June 1951.In addition,they bought property at the corner of Suffolk and Washington Avenues,north of where the railroad station was at that time,intending to build a block of ten stores there(The Yudell Realty Company was also developing land in that area for the same reason.This is probably the area where Brentwood Pharmacy and Dunkin' Donuts are now).

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