The Pearsall Estate

The most famous home in Brentwood was that of Robert W.Pearsall and his family,which was completed in 1870.The Pearsall estate was located on twelve acres of land in the southern part of the village.Robert had grand plans for the house,and he modeled it after a famous French chateau.He sent an architect to France to get the plans of that chateau,and then filled the house with expensive European furnishings-beautiful draperies,period furniture,Persian rugs,oil paintings,and marble statues.Fellow Brentwood residents were amazed by the home's opulence.
Then Robert went to work on his estate.He brought in Frederick Law Olmstead,the most famous and highest priced architect in America,to make the estate beautiful(Olmstead had designed Central Park in New York and Brooklyn's Prospect Park).Olmstead installed flower beds,flowering shrubs,velvety lawns,hedges,walkways,lily ponds,an artificial lake,and even a "Lovers Lane".But unfortunately,Robert did not get to enjoy the fruits of his labor.He died in 1871.

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