The Old Bicycle

The Old Bicycle Paths

In 1900,the automobile was still in its infancy and had not yet come into general use .People got around by walking or riding a bicycle.Most cities and towns had many well-used bicycle paths,and Brentwood was no exception.In fact,it had a network of bicycle paths that went through many lovely places
One ran south to Bay Shore.Another ran north and connected with Handley's Path,one of the loveliest and most famous bicycle paths on Long Island at the time.It was named for Richard Handley,a Happauge millionaire who first built the path from his farm to Smithtown for his private use.Later,he added a link that ran south to Brentwood.And in 1899,it was reported in a local newspaper that another bicycle path was under construction "through the forests" between Brentwood and Bay Shore.

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