The Moore Family

William Moore was born in Liverpool,England(yes,that's the home town of the Beatles).He was a pianomaker by trade.
William came to the United States at the age of 14 and settled in New York City,where he quickly found work.He later married and had a large family.In the fall of 1890,New york was beset by serious labor problems.The Moores decide to leave,so one day they packed up a large horse-drawn wagon and headed for Long Island.
They came to Brentwood and liked the village immediately,so they started looking for a home.The family found a large,
unoccupied house in the southern part of town.They entered through an unlocked door and just moved in.When the owner turned up a few days later,he was very much amused and decided to let the Moores saty,since the house was too big to be much in demand.They stayed there for twenty years,with William commuting to work in New York.Of the Moore children,Harry,Anna,and Gertrude were all still living here in 1950.Gertrude married diamond cutter Frederick William Morch,and they lived near the railroad station on Suffolk Avenue for many years.

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