The McCullough Family

John McCullochThe McCulloch Family
Like the Taylors,the McCullochs were Brentwood residents who came here from the British Isles.The first to arrive was Alexander McCulloch,in 1868.He was joined by his brother,John,in 1872.Together,they bought the land owned by Phillip Lindenmeyer on Wicks Road,near the Taylor farm(Phillip,a struggling music teacher,was forced to sell the property because he could not keep up the mortgage payments on it),and divided it as a farm.

John McCulloch came here with his wife and son,John(who died shortly afterward).They later had two daughters,
Helen and Janet,who were born in Brentwood and attended the Public School.John was a baker,but could not find work as one here and joined the Long Island Railway Company,serving in various positions.Janet McCulloch later
inherited his farm,and lived there with her husband,Ernest Franke,specializing in strawberries.

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