The Garbage District

At its meeting on June 21,1945,the Brentwood Community Association asked George J.Dickman to look
into the possibility of creating a garbage district.George contacted the Town Clerk and learned what needed
to be done,then reported his findings to the Association at its July meeting.President L.C.Cutolo then assigned
representatives from each part of the community to help create a plan.
They formed a committee with Dickman as chairman on January 28,1946.In April,the committee reported
that it had received bids for the garbage collection service.It also said that the property within the proposed
district had an assesed value of just over one million dollars.
In May 1946,the committee reported that it had collected 275 signatures on the required petition,about 80 percent
of the needed number.All papers were then completed and submitted to the Islip Town Board.At a public hearing
on July 9,1946,the Board gave its approval and then began accepting bids.A contract was signed.and service began
on August 1,1946.Residents and businesses were very satisfied with it.

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