The Brentwood Historical Trail

The Brentwood Historical Trail was created by Jay Berger of Boy Scout Troop 101 in 1992.Berger had three reasons for doing it:to help other Scouts achieve the Hiking Merit Badge;to get residents interested in Brentwood's history;and as a learning tool for schools.He also hoped that learning of the village's history would bring its many divesre residents together in unity.
The trail covered an area of five miles between Commack Road and Motor Parkway.It was a series of signs placed in geographical order at various locations around town,with each describing that area's historical significance.In order,
the sites are:
1.The Ross Sanatarium/Peck's Farm
2.The McWhorter Estate
3.The Brentwood Evergreens
4.The Brentwood Cemetery
5.Thompson's Station
6.The Felicio Administration Building
7.The Octagonal School House
8.The Brentwood Water District
9.The First House in Modern Times
10.The Second School/Brentwood Historical Archives
11.The Brentwood Library
12.The Newbery House/Brentwood Post Office
13.The Brentwood Fire Department
14.The Warren House
15.The Metcalf House
16.The Brentwood Hotel
17.The Lee House
18.The Academy of St.Joseph
19.The Octagonal(Dame)House
20.Thespian Hall
21.Christ Episcopal Church
22.St.Anne's Roman Catholic Church and School
23.The Codman Estate
24.The Quanahasset Hotel/First Firehouse/Railroad Depot
25.Ross Park
Berger also created a Brentwood Historical Trail Guide,which lists all the sites and gives good basic information on each one.Copies of this Guide are available in the Local History Room at the Brentwood Public Library.
Looking for something to do?Pick up a copy of the Guide and follow the trail.Look for the signs and see if they're still there-and see what's there now!Try it!

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