Ross Memorial Park

Ross Memorial Park is located on Brentwood Road and Suffolk Avenue,near the railroad station.It was established in 1945 by Dr.William H.Ross in memory of his beloved wife,Frances.One year earlier,Dr.Ross had purchased five acres of land from the Alkier estate(this was the old Charles Codman home,known as "The Hermitage Of The Red Owl").
Dr.Ross realized that this land was heavily wooded and very attractive.He felt that it would make a wonderful park,
and hired landscapers to to build one.He even joined in, helping to clear the land and landscape it.The park consists of
three seperate sections.The foreground features walkways,a podium,and 1 1/2 acres of lawn.There are also shade trees,and white pines that make a natural eastern border.The foreground also has monuments to the heroes of World Wars I and II in the form of two large granite boulders,one for each war,featuring large bronze plaques with the names of local men who died in that war.
The park was formally dedicated on Memorial Day,May 30,1945.It was then deeded to the Town of Islip.At Dr.Ross's
request,an advisory committee was appointed to meet several times a year to oversee and maintain the park.Today,
Ross Memorial Park continues to provide enjoyment for the residents of Brentwood.

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