PRONTO Of Long Island is a nonprofit human service group that provides various basic services to anyone who needs them. It serves the Brentwood, Bay Shore and Central area and surrounding communities. Located at 128 Pine Aire Drive in Bay Shore,they offer everything from a Food Pantry and Thrift Center to health, education and information/referral services.They serve over 1,200 households annually.

PRONTO began in 1969 as a church-sponsored community service center operating out of St.Anne's in Brentwood. But as the community's needs grew,its coverage area expanded to include St.Luke's parish
(also in Brentwood), St.Patrick's in Bay Shore,and St.John Of God in Central Islip. St.Anne's continued to
be the PRONTO's home for several years, but it became evident that they would eventually need larger quarters. A group of volunteers banded together to make it happen.In 1977, they secured and cleaned out an abandoned house on Pine Aire Drive,later constructing a new building on the same site. That facility opened in 1978.

In 1989,the students of Brentwood High School earned Newsday's "High School Of The Year" award for
building an addition to house PRONTO's meeting rooms and classrooms. In the late 1990s,it became evident that PRONTO once again needed a new building due to the ever-increasing demand for its services. Once again,the community came together to make it happen.The group moved into two trailers while it was constructed. The new facility opened in 2005,and it allows PRONTO to continue providing excellent much-
needed services to the community. N. Ziino

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