McCulloch Family

WheelrightAlexander McCulloch was a wheelwright (Historically, these tradesmen made wheels for carts and wagons by first constructing the hub, the spokes and the rim/fellows segments and assembling them all into a unit working from the center of the wheel outwards.) who came to Brentwood from Ireland on January 19, 1836 at the age of three. Alexander was granted Naturalization on October 24, 1876 and listed his occupation as a carpenter. In 1868 Alexander McCulloch moved to Brentwood , followed later by his brother, John, who joined him in 1872. Together, they purchased foreclosed land on Wicks Road and divided it between themselves. The brothers became very popular members of the community. When John McCulloch arrived in Brentwood, he brought along his wife and their son, who died shortly afterward. The McCullochs later had two daughters, Helen and Janet, who were born in Brentwood. The girls attended the Brentwood Schools. John was a baker, but could not find employment, so he took a job with the Long Island Railway Company and remained with them for many years. The family lived on a farm at the Wicks Road property, which Janet later inherited from her father. She married Ernest Franke, a pioneer resident of Suffolk County, at the Presbyterian Church in Islip on March 23,1927. In 1950,they were still living at the farm and specialized in growing strawberries. --N. Zinno--Local History Newsletter--October 2008

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