Lacey Family

Edward George Lacey was born in New York City on November 19,1912.He and his family moved to Bay Shore the following year, with Edward growing up there and graduating from Bay Shore High School in 1932.In 1937,he moved to Brentwood and got a job at Pilgrim State Hospital. Edward remained here for many years,except for his period of service in World War II.And therein lies a story. In June 1942,Edward was serving with the 8th Air Force in Burtonwood, England. One day, he visited Manchester and wandered into the theatrical shop of Mrs. Lillie Wainwright, who provided USO members with costumes, wigs, and makeup for their shows (Lillie’s family was well-known in the British theater world ,and she herself was known as an expert wigmaker). There, he met Mrs. Wainwright’s beautiful daughter, Joan, and it was love at first sight. They were married on May 15,1943 in Flixton, a small town just outside Manchester. The Laceys lived with Lillie. Their daughter, Karen Margaret, was born on June 6,1944. By then, Edward had been promoted to the rank of Sergeant. He returned to the United States in July 1945,and came back to Bay Shore. Joan and Karen joined him there on Christmas Eve 1945.The family remained in Bay Shore until they moved into a new home on Fourth Street in Brentwood in April 1946. Thus, Joan became Brentwood’s first English War Bride. Edward returned to his job at Pilgrim State and remained there for many years. Joan became a United States citizen on December 2,1949,and was active in many local organizations, including the Girl Scouts. Edward died at Sandoval, New Mexico, in October 1982.Joan died there on February 15,2000. N. Zinno --January 2008 -- Local History Newsletter