Katherine M.Gallagher

Mrs.Katherine M.Gallagher was born in Brooklyn and attended the public schools there.She came to Brenwtood in April 1914 with ther parents,Mr.and Mrs.Charles Doering,and her sister,Evelyn.Katherine's first job here was with Central Islip State Hospital at a salary of $19 a month.She was also active in civic associations for many years,
and was an inspector with the Board of Elections for over a decade.
She later joined the Post Ofiice,and was appointed Postmaster on June 18,1934,succeeding Nicholas Reilly.She served with distinction for many years,during which the Brentwood Post Office was raised from third to second class.
Among other things,Katherine also increased the number of emloyees from one to five(including her sister,Evelyn),and brought home mail delivery to Brentwood.During World War II,she was also in charge of military post offices at Pilgrim State and Edgewood Hospitals,as well as Pilgrim's regular post office.
Katherine married and had a son,Charles,and a granddaughter,Patricia Katherine.She lived in a lovely home on Fifth Avenue,near Brentwood Road,built by her father on what had been the Greeley estate,and was still living there in 1950.She also owned the Brentwood Hotel at one time.

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