Isaac Gibson

Isaac Gibson was born in New Jersey in 1819.He moved to the Western Reserve,Ohio,with his parents at the age of five.Isaac contracted tuberculosis in 1849.His doctor suggested that he come to Long Island for health reasons.Gibson had heard of Modern Times and was impressed with the teachings of Josiah Warren,so he moved here in 1854.
Isaac fooled everyone and completely recovered from his illness.This became a famous incident in the village,and it was frequently mentioned by local hospitals and health resorts in their prosepectuses over the years.Gibson was also
famous as a fruit grower.He was especially noted noted for his large strawberries,which were said to be "as large as apples" and nearly enough for a full meal.Theodore H.Freund vouched for the strawberries,and later said of Isaac:
""He was a good man,always ready to lend a helping hand.He lived alone most of his time here and died without a struggle,being found dead in bed on the morning of March 15,1898".

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