George Graham Ayling And The Ten Thousand Trees

A man named Charles Graham Ayling came to Brentwood
with his wife,Jessie May,and their children,George Graham and Mary S.,from their native London in May
1893.The Aylings built a home on Madison Avenue,an area where there were only about eight other homes
at that time.George Graham Ayling became a contractor.He was hired by the Brentwood Realty Company
in 1908 to plant ten thousand white pine trees along Washington Avenue just north of Clark Street,as well
as on Jefferson and Madison Avenues,along with Thomas,Hale,and Clark Streets.Many of these beautiful
trees were later destroyed by forest fires,but others remained for many years.They gave beauty and distinction
to the village.
George joined the Long Island Railway Co. in 1909 at the Brenwood
Station.At the time,he was living where the Long Island Expressway and Washington Avenue now intersect.He
learned the freight and express business,along with telegraphy.George became a very fast and prolific telegraph
operator.When he moved to the Central Islip station in 1919,he built a home nearby and lived there for the rest of his life.George loved his job and worked hard at it,and it paid off.He eventually became station agent at Central Islip in May 1923,and stayed there until his retirement in December 1964.George loved photography,and would oftentake pictures
of the LIRR.
He married Emma Cordingly on September 22,1915.Jessie May Ayling
died in Brenwtood on November 6,1917,at age 66.The Aylings sold their home to Henry Kopf and his son Philip in 1924.Charles died here on October 5,1928,at age 79.George's sister,Mary,died on September 11,1943.And then there was a cruel twist of fate in the mid-1970s.Emma fell and broke her hip one day.While she was in the hospital,their
children hired a nurse to look after George.Ironically,he also then fell and broke his hip!So husband and wife ended up in the same hospital,on different floors.She came home;he didn't.George suffered kidney failure and died on July 5,
1977,at age 89.Emma died in February 1983,also at 89.

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