Emerson H. McWhorter

Emerson H. McWhorter Sr. owner and President of the Brentwood Reality Company, was born in St. George, Delaware in 1855. His parents were Leontine and Anne J. McCrone McWhorter who were also born in Delaware. Prior to starting his own business, Mr. McWhorter worked in Pennsylvania for the Houghton-Mifflin Publishing House and the D. Appleton & Sons companies as a general sales manager. Emerson married, Therese R. who was born in Pennsylvania in 1877. According to the 1920 census McWhorter had a residence in Brooklyn and Brentwood. Emerson lived in Brentwood from 1906 till 1926. At age fifty-one he started his career in Real Estate choosing to develop land in the Brentwood area. His company was named the Emerson H. McWhorter Inc. and he presided as president of the organization. McWhorter’s friend came up with the idea of giving away a lot of land with a set of books that was purchased. When land became valuable, the formula was reversed. McWhorter formed two real estate companies in 1910 for the purpose of developing Brentwood. A third company was formed expressly to develop the land between Motor Parkway and the railroad tracks. This company sole purpose was to build a extravagant hotel and villas that would revitalize Brentwood as a resort area. McWhorter was involved in the development of the community but his real estate ventures never paid off. One of the community development projects that he was involved in was the development of the Brentwood Golf Club. He also served on a number of organizations boards including the Long Island Real Estate Board, Bay Shore Lions Club, Masonic Lodge and Bay Shore Rotary Club. McWhorter died on December 9, 1937 at the age of 82. He was survived by a son and daughter. M. Koferl --October 2007-- Local History Newsletter

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