Charles Codman's Home

Charles Codman's HomeCharles Codman came to Modern Times in 1857. He and his wife built a house, on the Northeast corner of Second Avenue and Brentwood Road soon after they arrived in the community. The house was surrounded by the beautiful, fragrant Pine trees that were prevalent in this area. Charles Codman lived in his house for almost sixty years. The house was part of the community for more than one hundred years before it was razed for commercial purposes. Codman was one of the leading citizens in the community and is remembered for his many contributions. He was one of the original trustees of the school board and in 1893, when the Brentwood Cemetery Association was incorporated Codman deeded the title for the cemetery property to the trustees of the association. The name bestowed on Codman’s house, “The Hermitage of the Red Owl”, is the reason this house will always be remembered as a famous Brentwood landmark. The story told and written down by Charles Codman is “The Legend of Red Owl”. A. Bennett -- January 2008 -- Local History Newsletter

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