Brentwood History Trail Guide

Brentwood History Trail GuideHave you ever heard of the Brentwood History Trail? No? Well, let me tell you a little about it. It’s not a trail like you would see in a park (it’s not made of dirt.) Instead it’s more of a hike taken through the streets of Brentwood. The Brentwood History Trail was actually the brainchild of Jay Berger, a member of Boy Scout Troop 101. He created it in 1992 as a five-mile area for several reasons. One was to help future Scouts achieve the Hiking Merit Badge. Another was to help residents become curious about the village’s origins. Third, he also hoped that schools would use it as a learning tool for lessons on local history. The Trail covered an area of about five miles between Saint Joseph’s Academy and Jackson Avenue. It consisted of twenty-five different locations in geographical order, with each one marked by a sign. In addition, Berger also created a very informative accompanying Trail Guide that describes each site. It included such noted local places as Thompson’s Station, The Octagonal School House, St. Anne’s church, St. Joseph’s Academy, The Codman Estate (also known as “The Hermitage of the Red Owl,”) and the Brentwood Public Library. Looking for something interesting and fun to do? Come into the Library’s Local History Room and pick up a copy of the Brentwood History Trail Guide. Then take some time and walk the Trail yourself. See if the signs are still there, and check out what’s there now. You might learn something! Try it! N. Ziino -- September 2006 --Local History Newsletter Brentwood History Trail Guide

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