Brentwood Cemetery

The Brentwood Cemetery is located on the corner of Madison Avenue and Jackson Street. In 1860 Elisha Richardson, a nurseryman, set apart one acre of his farm on Madison Avenue for a cemetery. A few bodies were buried there over the next thirty years. In 1889, Elisha Richardson deeded this land to Charles Codman, a highly respected citizen of the Modern Times colony and later of the village of Brentwood. It was not until 1893 that the cemetery association was incorporated in Brentwood. At that time, Charles Codman gave the trustees the title to the cemetery property. In 1940 the Cemetery Association bought an additional acre of land and again in the 1980’s they purchased another acre of land. These two acres are adjoined to the original tract on Madison Avenue. Many families of the early settlers were buried in this cemetery including Charles and Emily Codman, Dr. Edward Newberry, William Dame and Dr. William Ross to name a few. Over the years the Brentwood cemetery has continued to be the final resting place for many Brentwood residents and it still is open to all for the purchase of new plots. If you take a walk through the Brentwood Cemetery you will get a sense of Brentwood’s history through the tombstones of the people who lived here and who made contributions to the growth of the Brentwood community. A. Bennett -- April 2007 Local History Newsletter

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