Ben's Pill Box

Benjanin Van Nostrand had a very successful "pill and ointment business" (today we call it a drugstore or pharmacy)in Brentwood during the 1870s.The small shop was located next to his home on Washington Avenue,just north of the railroad station.It was known as "Ben's Pill Box".There,Ben made large quantities of a laxative called "Grafenberg's Pills" and an ointment called "Green Mountain Ointment.
Ben did strong business for many years.Janet Mcculloch Franke,and Margaret Elizabeth Taylor were among the large and loyal clientele,many of whom later remembered buying medicine from him.But Van Nostrand's most notable customer was Dr.J.F.Bridge,whose thirty-acre estate was later home of the Ross Sanatarium. It was largely due to Dr.Bridge's support that Benjamin Van Nostrand became such a huge success.

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