Adelante is one of Long Island's most well-known charitable organizations.Located on Third Avenue,it has been a Brentwood staple since 1966.Although it is best known for sponsoring its famous annual Puerto Rican/Hispanic Day Parade,Adelante provides vital community services.It assists residents with everything from tutoring and job training to housing and immigration.
Adelante was founded in 1966 by a group of local Hispanic residents who felt the need for a stronger cultural presence in Brentwood.They struggled at first.Members met in their own homes,or at the local Senior Citizen Center.Later,they used an Islip Town trailer on Suffolk Avenue.Then president Paul Irizarry decided that Adelante needed its own home(There had been a building at one time,but the group couldn't pay its taxes and lost it).But to get it,they would need nonprofit status.After securing that,Irizarry spearheaded a fundraising drive that netted $25.000 and state aid.The Town Of Islip Community Development Agency then built Adelante's new
Center,a modular high ranch with upstairs offices and basement conference rooms,on the present location.It opened in October 1989.Under Irizrry,Adelante grew and thrived.Today,under Director Miriam Garcia,it has 34 employees and a $1.7 million annual budget.The Third Avenue building is home to 15 programs that serve a wide variety of clients,from computer training to senior nutrition.

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